- Established 1976 -

 The History of Anderson Sign Company

Anderson Sign Company started in Lake Forest in 1976. In those days, the product of choice was wood signage, sandblasted signs, and cut foam letters. At first, the business specialized in building cedar chests and walnut dashboards for VW Beetles. Several customers expressed the need for signage for their businesses and we started making custom signs. The rest is history...until it wasn't.

Anderson Sign Company was a thriving, family-owned business. We were producing signs for Disney, Bank of America, Deloitte, and many large developments. We were also pushing the industry forward by pioneering new uses for plotters like adapting the machines to use felt tipped markers so that patterns could be printed with bold lines, and we developed a new way to produce push-thru letters for lighted signs. 

In 2003, business started slowing down. We tried branching out to different areas of the sign business, but, unfortunately, it wasn't enough to keep us solvent. By the end of 2003, we decided to shut down operations.

In 2004, we decided to close the shop and sell off our assets.
Thus the end of a 28-year run. 

Over the next several years, and into the recession, a new project was brewing. We developed comedic bumper stickers, and RC car decals to be sold on eBay. That kept money coming in, but we found a bigger project to tackle: decals for vintage bicycle restoration.

In 2008, we launched a bicycle decal business and started building a library of decals for those that wanted to restore their bikes.

As the library grew, so did the business. Then the pandemic hit. Up until this point, bicycle decals were sustainable for one person to run, but not really bringing in a lot of money. March 2020 came around and BOOM, our sales increased four-fold and we had to bring on more help. Tommy and Bill Anderson joined the crew and took over the bicycle decal business.

After 2 years, and many long days, weeks, and months, they caught up with the orders coming in. It was the time to think about the next steps.

In the fall of 2022, it became apparent that the bicycle decal business wasn't going to bring in enough money to sustain two families, so the search for the next thing was on. Bill and Tommy talked over different options, but it ultimately came back down to being a local sign source for customers in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.
We knew that the best way forward was to go back to our roots. 

So, Anderson Sign Company was reborn, this time in Arlington, Texas. Some things have changed since we started in 1976, but we knew that we had the experience, the knowledge, and the ability to create the best sign business Texas could offer. 

So, from our families to yours, we welcome you to the return of an all-American business. With sights set high to become a premier source of signage, we embark on this new journey to help all those who need a sign.